Student Orgs

Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED)

AED provides pre-health (mostly pre-med, but all health professions are covered) students with valuable information and assistance in their quest for a career in health care. Weekly meetings provide excellent information from leading professionals in the medical field. In addition, our peer network assists in many aspects of a pre-health degree such as: tutoring, teacher recommendations, MCAT tips, course scheduling, and social events!!! Please visit and see what AED can offer you!

2014-2015 President – Kimberly Triplett:


Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS)

MAPS represents the undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA). The organization’s unique connection with SNMA affords students opportunities that are often reserved for medical students. This is a great way to gain significant pre-medical volunteer and community service experience while learning about pressing issues in medicine and minority medical education. See what opportunities MAPS can offer you!

Student Contact – Eugene Berry:


Pre-Dental Society

The Pre-Dental Society is an invaluable resource for students interested in pursuing a career in dentistry. The society meets bi-weekly to share information beneficial to pre-health students, in general, but more specifically pre-dental students. Occasional visits from current professionals in dentistry as well as dental students provide a unique insider’s scoop to the field of dentistry! Shadowing opportunities, community service projects, as well as planned trips to tour schools of dentistry are all part of what the Pre-Dental Society has to offer.

Student Contact -Pres. Amanda Przekora:


Pre-Optometry Society

The Pre-Optometry Society is dedicated to supporting, educating and promoting pre-optometry students. We offer information about optometry schools, contacts in the profession of optometry, and helpful hints and insights about the application and interview process. You will have the opportunity to meet and talk with admissions officers, optometrists, and current optometry students as well as gain valuable tips and strategies for your application and interview process.

Student Contact – Natalie Pare:


Pre-Physical Therapy Society

The Pre-Physical Therapy Society is an organization created for students who plan on pursuing careers in physical therapy. The society provides a gateway into the physical therapy field through providing information about PT programs, preparing students for the application process, hosting speakers from the field and social networking.

Student Contact – Miranda Mackey:


Pre-Pharmacy Society

The Pre-Pharmacy Society is an organization created for students who plan on pursuing careers in pharmacy. We aim to provide information, resources, and opportunities that introduce students to the world of pharmacy. In addition, the society seeks to help its members become the most qualified applicants to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program by adding depth to members’ understanding of pharmacy. Valuable advising services and interview sessions with local Schools of Pharmacy are made available to students. We also encourage the community involvement of our members by promoting opportunities for volunteer service.

Student Contact – Kate Christopher:


Pre-Veterinary Society

The Pre-Veterinary Society is a pre-professional student organization designed for anyone seeking a career in Veterinary Medicine, regardless of major. It provides students with an opportunity to interact with other students in their classes and field of interest. The Society’s main goal is to expose students to a variety of opportunities in the field of veterinary medicine, and to help those students reach their goal of admission into Veterinary School.

Student Contact – Maddy Haddock:



Tri-beta serves as the honor society for Biology and Marine Science majors and minors. Typically, the club is roughly half-filled with pre-health students, half-filled with students with other career goals. Meetings on alternate Thursdays cover topics for students of all academic levels interested in the biological sciences ranging from volunteer opportunities, seminars led by professors, research presentation workshops, academic tutoring, and a forum to discuss alternative career paths. The Tri-beta website is

Student Contact -Dennis Quertermous:


Pre-Occupational Therapy Society

The Pre-Occupational Therapy Society is a pre-professional student organization for students interested in a career as an Occupational Therapist. It allows for students to interact with other students interested in a career in Occupational Therapy. Meetings often include representatives from various occupational therapy admissions teams, campus outreach opportunities and more!

Student Contact: Elizabeth