University of Alabama graduates and alumni who are seeking to reapply to professional school through our Health Professions Advising Office should do the following:

  1. Contact our office at to let us know of your plans to reapply. We will review any previous application information that we have collected for you for other application cycles and assist you with a plan for the new application cycle.
  2. Seek feedback from the professional programs to which you applied. Consider the recommendations they make when making your Gap Year plans.
  3. Send us the appropriate information to submit your letter packets:
  4. When filling out your CAS (Central Application Service) application, take your time! Consider updating your personal statement or obtaining 1-2 new letters of recommendation. You are a different person than you were the last time that you applied, so let your application reflect that.

It is important that you use your Gap Year(s) doing something meaningful. Whether it is working in healthcare, participating in service organizations (Teach for America, Peace Corp, AmeriCorps, etc.), or participating in additional academic activities, find something you will enjoy and that will deepen your commitment and your passion to serve others.

Please note: Your committee packet is for use in your application to health professional school(s) only. The letters in your committee packet speak specifically to your abilities to handle the rigor of a health professional graduate program. We will not submit your committee packet for scholarship, internship, or for any other general application.

We are excited to work with each of you! If you have any questions please email Cheers to a successful application season!

Thank you,
Health Professions Advising Office