OPTIONAL Courses Offered at the University of Alabama that may be useful to pre-health students:

AS 101. Freshman Seminar. 1 hour. Pass/Fail
Prerequisites: Freshman standing
The pre-health section(s) of AS 101 will provide an introduction to the health professions available, provide a timeline for students to build a competitive application to graduate health professional programs, and assist students in devising a timeline for their time at The University of Alabama.

AS 299. Junior Seminar – “The Application Year”. 1 hour. Pass/Fail
Prerequisites: Junior standing or higher
AS 299 is designed to assist students make their applications to medical and dental school. Topics covered include but are not limited to: health care policy, admissions trends, personal statement, interview workshops, test preparation, and application/submission timelines.

BSC 409/410 Hospital Apprenticeship I. 2 hours.
Prerequisites: BSC 114:115 or BSC 118, BSC 116:117 or BSC 120, and junior or senior premedical student standing.
A one-semester apprenticeship at Northport Hospital–DCH. Students are assigned to or may select departments in which they will be given special tasks that contribute to the operation of these departments.

BSC 450. Biochemistry. 3 hours.
Prerequisite: CH 232. Many medical schools strongly recommend biochemistry as part of your undergraduate preparation for medical school. Though not required, it is a very good idea to take biochemistry if your schedule allows.

UH 330 Honors Issues in Contemporary Medicine (also CHS 330). Three hours.
Prerequisites: Member of the University Honors Program and junior or senior standing.
This lecture course is designed to acquaint students engaged in premedical studies with the major patterns of illness in the U.S. and with the medical disciplines that treat those illnesses.