The UA Committee Interview and Composite Letter

The Health Professions Advising Committee (HPAC) prepares composite letters of evaluation for applicants to medical, dental, and optometry schools. Most of these schools strongly prefer that, when available, a committee letter is prepared on behalf of the student. In order for our committee to draft a letter in support of your application, we require an interview.

Who is a part of the committee?

The committee consists of a Health Professions Advisor and 1–2 other members of the University community.

What are the committee interview and composite letter?

The Committee Interview serves two purposes. First, it gives the committee an opportunity to spend some time with the candidate before crafting the committee letter of evaluation, and secondly, allows the applicant to gain valuable interview experience.

Our committee interviews are very similar to the interviews at professional schools; we ask many of the same questions that you are likely to get at your school interviews. Once the committee has finished with the interview portion, there will be time for you to ask questions of the committee; we will also provide feedback.

The committee strongly encourages each applicant to treat the committee interview in the same way you would treat an interview at the professional schools and to prepare appropriately.

How do I schedule my committee interview?

Students who have submitted required materials to the Office of Health Professions Advising will be notified of their eligibility for a committee interview via their crimson email. Students will be notified of the time and place of these interviews.

What should I wear?

We encourage applicants to wear professional dress. For the men, this means a full suit, a tie (not a loud tie), and a neutral-colored, button-down dress shirt. Ladies, a suit is preferable — either skirt or pantsuit, closed-toe shoes, and no loud jewelry. Be sure your clothing is clean, pressed, and in good repair. Being well-groomed is essential. Our hope is that you practice your actual interview attire at the committee interview. Remember, you want your personality, drive, commitment to the profession, knowledge, etc. to make you stand out, not your attire or your appearance.

For more information about dressing for your interview, check out the Career Center’s guide to professional attire.

How should I prepare?

The interview itself should be a conversation with dialogue flowing in both directions. You should know your application and speak maturely about its contents.

Revisit your application; if an activity or honor was important enough to put into your personal statement or to list on your application, it should come up in the interview.

Read up on current healthcare events and legislation. Having a general knowledge of the current state of healthcare and how it could affect your career will be beneficial to you on interview day.

Reflect: Spend time thinking about the activities and experiences that made you want to pursue this profession.

Rehearse: Completing a practice interview at our campus Career Center may prove helpful as well.