Prospective Students

students getting advised at Bama Bound
A pre-health student getting advised at Bama Bound

Welcome to The University of Alabama’s pre-health prospective student page! Here you will find a glimpse of the services and opportunities that are available to pre-health students who attend The University of Alabama.

Career Advising

We provide career advising every semester. As a pre-health student, we advise you to come in for pre-health advising every semester. While we do talk to you generally about the classes that you can take, the focus of our appointments usually centers around competitiveness, extracurricular activities, community service, and helping students discover their “fit” for the health profession of their choosing.

Students are STRONGLY encouraged to meet with their pre-health advisor AND faculty advisor every semester.

Service Opportunities

We help students connect with campus and community opportunities for service. A common attribute of pre-health students is the desire to serve others. There is no better way to prepare for a life of service than to get involved with organizations that serve others regularly. Pre-health students on our campus have found this helpful in deepening their desire to pursue their health profession and connect with our community.

Seminar Courses

We offer seminar courses for pre-health students. We offer a freshmen seminar (AS Pre-health) for incoming students that helps navigate your first year of college and starting your co-curricular resume as a pre-health student. We also offer a junior seminar (AS 299 Pre-health) for students who are preparing to apply to professional school. This course outlines step-by-step the different components of the professional school application process.

Pre-Health Tracks

There is no official “pre-health” major at UA. Here at The University of Alabama, we do not have pre-health (pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-physical therapy, etc.) majors. What our university does is pre-health tracks. This means that our students are encouraged to study what they love while incorporating prerequisite courses for their desired graduate program. We have had successful students from every major, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!

Special Programs

Interested in learning more about our new minor for pre-medical students? Visit The McCollough Institute for Pre-Medical Scholars website.


Lastly, your success is our success! If you have any questions about our pre-health programs, please contact us at

For more information, check out our Pre-Health Guide.