Pass/Fail Grading and Professional School Applications

Statement on Pass/Fail Grading and Prehealth Students for Spring 2020

The Office of Health Professions Advising has been closely monitoring conversations between professional school programs and undergraduate institutions all over the nation in response to many institutions moving to a version of a pass/fail grading model for Spring 2020 due to COVID-19.

While professional school admissions is holistic in nature, GPA is still important and you will have to consider that a “pass” grade does not factor into your GPA. Professional schools, taking into consideration the uniqueness of this semester, advise (and prefer) students to complete the course with a letter grade if it is a C- or higher rather than choosing a “pass.”

Based on these conversations, the Office of Health Professions Advising recommends that, if given the option between pass/fail and a letter grade, students should complete the course with a letter grade if it is a C- or higher, rather than choosing a “pass.” Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their professors and pre-health advisors prior to making a decision. Please email if you have any questions.

More Information

The University of Alabama’s pass/fail option for Spring 2020 can be found on the UA Registrar’s website.


Please see the documents below regarding individual programs and their pass/fail policies for the Spring 2020 term. These spreadsheets are updated regularly by professional schools. As other programs compile their policies, they will be posted here.

For pre-medical students.

Notice from AAMC about how P/F will impact AMCAS

For pre-dental students

For pre-optometry students

TMDSAS- Texas medical (MD and DO), dental, veterinary programs

For pre-PA students

For pre-veterinary students

For pre-pharmacy students.  (page 17 of report)

For pre-PT students (PTCAS’ policy and recommendation to programs)