Bama Bound College Visit 1b (CV1b) for A&S Students Only

Hello Arts and Sciences Prehealth Students!

This page was designed to provide you with tools and guides that we will cover in the College Visit 1b (CV1b) portion of Bama Bound. We are here to help you build a strong academic schedule for next semester.

Here is what you will need for this session:

  1. First, please join our prehealth listserv. This will help us with making sure your prehealth track shows up in DegreeWorks.
  2. General Education (CORE) course recommendations (PDF) based on health professions graduate school competencies.
  3. General Education course descriptions (PDF) will help you get an idea of what the courses are about.
  4. Registration Course Planning Sheet for prehealth students (PDF): This worksheet does not save or get sent to an advisor, so you will need to take a screenshot or picture of this once you are finished with it and have it ready for when you register for classes. You will have to pull up this form on your computer during the CV1b session.
Scan this QR code with your phones to join the email listserv!

Here is the link to our University Registrar’s page that will show you HOW to register during College Visit 2. Click the option for “Registration Instructions.”

In our discussion to help you plan out your schedule, we will help you build a schedule that takes into consideration your prehealth track, any special programs that require you to take their intro course (ex: UH 100, IDMD 100 + IDMD 101, RRS 101, GBA 171, etc.). You should have placed any expected AP/IB/dual enrollment credit on the Bama Bound Survey that you completed before this session. Please have a list of those courses on hand for our course selection discussions.

Lastly, our goal for this session is primarily to discuss your schedule. Discussions about getting involved on campus, research, and building a strong application happen during the appointment setting and once school is underway.